About Me


I am Pierre and I am very flattered that you are taking the time to read this About Me page.

So you probably want to know who I am and why I created this website.

I have kept birds for around 15 years now, and you could say that I am some kind of an animal person, because I also have cats and reptiles, and I kept a lot more pets in the past.

Animals always fascinated me as a kid, and I read every book I could get about them. Later, I surrounded myself with people who were as fascinated by animals as I was.

My first bird was a Cockatiel; his name was Backo.

He was a great bird, and I loved him dearly, even though he was a little bit shy. I remember how excited I was when I taught him to step on my finger or sit on my shoulder.

However, even though I took good care of Backo, I also made a lot of mistakes as most people do at the first time.

For example, I have never got a friend for Backo, because I did not know how important a partner for birds is. All the books I have read told me that birds could be kept alone if you spend time with them.

However, in my opinion, birds should always be kept in pairs or groups. No matter how much time you spend with a bird, you can never replace another bird.

Unfortunately, so many people make the same mistakes I did. So many people keep cockatoos or gray parrots alone and end up with a feather-plucking bird.

To me, this is so hard to watch as it shows how bad those birds suffer and it always reminds me of my bird, Backo.

15 years of keeping birds and a lot of mistakes taught me a lot, and I just decided that I wanted to share my knowledge and the knowledge of other great bird owners with others to help birds and their owners.

No bird should be kept alone and no bird owner should be left alone with their questions and problems.

I think that is more than enough about me and my opinions, haha.

Have fun with your birds and I hope that you find the information you are looking for on my website. If not, leave a comment. Maybe I can help you!

All the best,