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do parrots need cuttlebones?

4 Reasons Why Cuttlebones Are Crucial For Parrots

Cuttlebones are commonly found in birdcages everywhere. You know, those ubiquitous white surfboard-shaped mollusc shells that birds chirpily peck onto? But what exactly is a cuttlebone for and why is it found in almost every birdcage in the world? A cuttlebone is the internal shell of a cuttlefish that provides […]

how to tame indian ringneck parrots?

11 Tips For Taming An Indian Ringneck

A few days ago, I was helping a friend in choosing a suitable pet. He was particularly keen on getting a bird and decided on an Indian ringneck parakeet. This led us to discuss how easy these birds might be to tame, and how the process of taming them may […]

Do budgies need a companion?

Why Your Budgie Needs A Companion

Budgies, with their colorful plumage and talkative and social nature make perfect companions. However, just because they are considered to be low-maintenance or easy-to-keep pets, doesn’t mean that they need any less care or attention than a cat or a dog. This may lead you to wonder if you should […]

Can macaws and cockatiels live together?

Can Macaws And Cockatiels Live Together?

It may seem that two different species of birds can be completely compatible, but what may seem like a calm situation can change in a split second. When one of the birds is much larger than the other, it may become a big problem for the smaller one. There are […]

Are macaws friendly?

Are Macaws Friendly? 8 Facts You Must Know

Loud and large, macaws may seem intimidating if you come across them, but these birds are in fact, known to be quite friendly and playful. Are macaws friendly? Don’t let the sheer size and noisy nature of these birds fool you, macaws are actually very affectionate and require a lot […]

are macaws messy?

Are Macaws Messy? 8 Things You Should Know!

Macaws are beautiful, intelligent pets and owning them can be hugely rewarding as they are loyal and can be trained to respond to commands. At the same time, macaws can be challenging pets because they demand more time than most pets do. And oh, they can be very noisy and […]

how bad are macaw bites?

Here Is How Bad Macaw Bites Really Are

How bad is a bite from a macaw? We have heard a lot of horror stories about macaw bites being able to rip someone’s finger off, but is there any truth to this? Somehow, macaws got the reputation of having the worst bite out of all the parrots and we […]

Do parrots need light at night?

Do Parrots Need Light At Night?

Do parrots need light at night? This has a lot to do with imitating what naturally happens with light in the wild. You will also find out in this article how manipulating light can help the health and behavior of your parrot. Further, we will also discuss the times when […]