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do parrots need beds?

Do Parrots Need A Bed? You Need To See These 4 Beds!

I have seen many avian pet owners to get concerned over their birds’ diet, toys, and cage. And as a new parrot owner, I used to be all worried about these factors contributing to my pet’s well-being. But over the years, I have realized that often many bird-owners forgot about […]

Why are african greys so expensive?

Why African Grey Parrots Are So Expensive

There are different types of parrots and for any parrot pet lover, you must have already distinguished the fact that African Grey Parrots are expensive in comparison to other species. For some of us, we may still wonder why this particular species is expensive. I will be providing an in-depth […]

Can I Clean A Bird cage with vinegar?

Can I Clean My Birdcage With Vinegar?

If you have birds for a pet, you know that they are fun, engaging pets but they come with a stack of responsibilities. Primary among them is maintaining a clean home for them. That’s not the home they share with you but rather the cage they are kept in. Keeping […]

can parrots eat blueberries?

Can Parrots Eat Blueberries? It Might Be A Mess!

You have probably heard that the variety of fresh fruits plays a very important part of your parrot’s diet. While you should try to incorporate fresh fruit into your parrot’s daily diet, you need to know that not all fruits are safe for parrots to eat. Knowing what fruits make […]

Can parrots eat lemons?

Can Parrots Eat Lemons? They Have Many Benefits!

Parrots are very social eaters, and they love sharing their meal with their owners. But not all the food humans eat can be consumed by parrots. Some food is even toxic, and a parrot should never have them. What about lemons? Can parrots eat lemons? If you are holding back […]

Why does my bird smell?

5 Reasons Why Your Bird Smells Horrible

It is a common belief that all birds smell, but that is far from the truth. Although different parrots have different smells that are unique to their species there should be no “odor” coming from your bird. Your bird’s normal scent should be minimal, and you will hardly notice it […]