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Why is my parrot shaking?

11 Reasons Why Your Parrot Is Shaking

Understanding how your pet bird communicates is important. Your pet bird will use vocal and visual cues to let you know if its happy, sad, angry, or unwell. Of all these, it is crucial to know when a bird is feeling out of sorts and needs medical attention. If you […]

Are sand perches bad for birds?

Are Sand Perches Bad For Birds? Here Is The Truth!

When it comes to birds, it is a well-known fact that when given proper attention and care, birds make for remarkably pleasant and friendly pets. In order to keep their health in top shape, it is important to provide them with all the necessities they need to stay healthy like […]

Are Rope Perches Good For Birds?

Are Rope Perches Good For Birds?

Bird perches are some of the most important accessories you will need to purchase for your pet. With so many options, it can be a daunting task. Rope perches are a popular option, but before you buy, you’ll want to know if this is the best option for your bird. […]

Is bamboo safe for budgies?

Is Bamboo Safe For Budgies? What About The Leaves?

There is nothing better than natural wood toys and perches for birds, but which natural wood is safe for the bird and easy for you to source and maintain? What about bamboo? Is bamboo safe for budgies? To keep budgies happy and healthy, fit their cage with perches and toys […]

how much attention do birds need?

Here Is How Much Attention Pet Birds Really Need!

Birds are very social animals, regardless of their surroundings. In the wild, they socialize with other birds, and in captivity, they either live in couples, or they get very friendly with their owners. Domesticated birds require attention 24/7. If you don’t have the time to take good care of your […]

Are Parrots Smarter Than Dogs?

Are Parrots Smarter Than Dogs? There’s A Difference!

Dog owners universally believe their canine companion is smarter, more loyal and more empathetic than any other pet a human being can own. But what if they’re wrong and the creature that gave rise to the derogatory term “bird-brain” is actually the smarter one? Specifically, a parrot. Are parrots smarter […]

Are Parrots Dangerous?

Are Parrots Dangerous? What You Must Know

Parrots are one of the most liked pets, and many people plan on adopting them. In the U.S. alone, one-third of the bird pets are parrots. Parrot bites or feather plucking is not something new, yet many bird owners are still curious to know whether parrots are dangerous, aggressive, or […]

Why do parrots bob their head?

5 Reasons Why Parrots Bob Their Heads

Do you ever think that your parrot is nodding and saying ‘yes’ to you? If you have a parrot, they may bob their head from time to time and it can be entertaining. A lot of owners often wonder what head bobbing really means, so we’re going to find out. […]