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how to stop a blue and gold macaw from biting

How To Stop A Blue-And-Gold Macaw From Biting

The blue and gold macaw is notorious for biting. You might be reading this right now as you have experienced a nip from this feisty parrot. First off, we hope that your hand is doing okay, and second, you need not worry as there are ways to avert this kind […]

Can parrots play with cardboard?

Can Parrots Play With Cardboard?

Can parrots play with cardboard? If you are a long-time parrot owner, you might be familiar with how much parrots love to play with cardboard. In fact, they love picking at cardboard so much that if you have a piece lying around in the cage, any other toy would end […]

What other birds do conures get along with?

What Birds Do Conures Get Along With?

What birds do conures get along with? Conures are a favorite among pet bird owners as they are fun-loving and energetic birds, but how will they react with other birds? Will they stay friendly? Or will they exhibit a negative behavior? You are about to find out! In most cases, […]