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Are macaws hard to take care of?

10 Reasons Why Macaws Are So Hard To Take Care Of

Macaws are arguably one of the most interesting pets that you can ever have the pleasure of keeping. They are incredibly smart, very loud, and live a long life provided they are given great care. In this article, we will show you the top ten reasons why macaws are so […]

which parrots have the worst bite?

These 5 Parrots Have The Worst Bites

If you work with, or spend a little time in an aviary or home with plenty of birds inside, you soon come to know the answer to the question, which parrot has the worst bite-the answer will vary based upon the beak size of the particular parrot, not the size […]

How often do parrots molt?

How Often Parrots Molt And What You Can Do To Help

Spend a little time with a pet parrot or any pet bird for that matter, and you soon come to realize they are losing their feathers, which may cause you some worry …but the truth is that they are going through the molting process, which is a completely normal process, […]

Are macaws loud?

Macaws Are Extremely Loud! How You Can Stop That

Hang around with a macaw at a friend’s house or aviary for a while, and you will eventually hear them screaming, squawking and being very loud, which leads you to wonder, are macaws REALLY that loud?! Are macaws loud? A macaw scream registers at 100-106 decibels. Macaws are not loud […]

best parrots for apartments

The 5 Best Parrots For Apartments

If you would love to own a beautiful parrot, chances are you have probably done some research and now know just how noisy these beautiful birds of paradise can be. If you live in an apartment or other close living space, this becomes an issue not only because loud parrots […]

best parrots for beginners

4 Parrots That Are Great For Beginners!

In this article, we will show you four of the best parrots for beginner owners. Please understand that there is no such thing as a beginner parrot-just parrots that are less demanding than others. We will look at the personalities of the parrots, and also the nuances of the birds. […]

pros and cons of keeping a parrot

The Pros And Cons Of Keeping A Parrot

The decision to adopt and introduce a parrot into your family is a big one, after all it is a life-long commitment and requires a lot of work and care; but we have summed up all you should know-both good and bad-into one helpful guide which you will find here. […]