Is Your Bird Biting You... And None Of The Tips You Find Online Are Working?

Birdie Biting Basics

We won't give you tips on how to stop your bird from biting you...

...but in our new ebook, Birdie Biting Basics,  will show you what YOU can do to make your bird understand that biting you is not necessary.

"Simply trying to get a bird to stop biting is not going to work as biting can have various reasons. Understanding your bird and having a relationship with a solid foundation is what's truly necessary."

This is for you if...

  • If you have a bird that is biting you all the time and it seems to get worse.
  • If you feel that you do not have enough experience to deal with your bird's (biting) behavior alone.
  • If you want to understand why your bird is nice at first but then bites all of a sudden. 
  • If you have adopted a bird that is known for biting and you want guidance on how to behave now for a solid start.
  • If you have a bird that bites you during hormonal phases. 
  • If you want to learn how to analyze the situation your bird bit you in yourself.
  • If you are fully aware of the fact that getting your bird to stop biting you or any other family member will take time and patience.

Wanna know what's in the ebook? Here is what you are going to learn!

The different reasons for biting in birds

Birds do not just bite. They have a reason, or even multiple reasons for that. We show you why your bird might bite and what changes you can make to make your bird feel better.

The difference between aggression and biting

A bird that bites does not have to be an aggressive bird. Aggression and biting are two different things. Learning the difference is crucial if you want to understand why your bird is biting you.

Bird Keeping Basics

We show you what unfulfilled needs (like dietary needs, etc.) can lead to biting in birds and what you can do to keep your bird properly.

How to minimize hormonal aggression/biting

Birds need special care when they go through a hormonal phase. We show you what you can do to make your bird feel better and stop the aggressive behavior.

The correct/incorrect behavior when you get bitten

Behaving correctly when getting bitten by your bird isn't always easy. However, if you want your bird to stop biting you, you have to follow some rules. We show you what correct/incorrect behavior looks like.

How to avoid getting bitten

The best thing you can do for yourself and your bird is not get bitten at all. Therefore you have to understand your bird's body language but we also show you some tricks to avoid the bite.

How to start teaching your bird inside his/her cage

While we do not provide a huge arsenal of bird tricks, we show you how you can start training with your bird inside his/her cage. This way you won't get bitten but you still can have positive moments with your bird.

Get instant access to our Birde Biting Basics Ebook now!

Trying out a couple of tips to stop a bird from biting is not going to work if you don't follow some basic rules when keeping and interacting with your bird. Our ebook will show you the foundation you and your bird need to unlearn unwanted behavior.

Birdie Biting Basics

Learn what's most important

Learn what YOU can do to help your bird changing his/her behavior. If a bird bites, it is never the bird's fault. We don't want to blame you, but you need to understand that your bird's behavior is your responsibilty. We show you the basics you need to get right so that you can start to show your bird that biting you is not necessary.

Learn to analyze the situation yourself. It is hard to get help if you can't describe your specific situation in which your bird bites to someone. That's why our ebook shows you how you can analyze the situation yourself so that you learn what might trigger your bird's biting behavior and what you can do to change that.

Change your bird's behavior without getting bitten. We don't want you to ever get bitten again. We show you how you can tell when your bird is going to bite and how to interact with your bird without getting bitten.

African Grey

What other people are saying about us:

"My African Grey Parrot kinda seemed to enjoy biting me. Now after reading the book from Pierre and I learned that I interpreted my bird's behavior entirely wrong. I am now taking little steps every day to make my bird feel better with me."   



What other people are saying about us:

"Bella, my budgie bit me whenever I came too close to her. The ebook showed me that I was keeping her incorrectly and I put too much pressure on her without knowing. Thanks for the ebook and for the tips on your website. Now that I got the basics right, I am determined to be the best bird keeper I can be for my little Bella."

Helena and Bella

Birdie Biting Basics

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Get instant access to our Birdie Biting Basics ebook now!

Every journey begins with the first step. Get our ebook now to take the first step to get your bird to understand that biting you is not rewarding and unnecessary.

Birdie Biting Basics

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