African Greys

Why are african greys so expensive?

Why African Grey Parrots Are So Expensive

There are different types of parrots and for any parrot pet lover, you must have already distinguished the fact that African Grey Parrots are expensive in comparison to other species. For some of us, we may still wonder why this particular species is expensive. I will be providing an in-depth […]

Are African Greys Good Family Pets?

Are African Greys Good Family Pets? 7 Facts You Must Know

If you have ever seen an African Grey, whether in real life or on the Internet, you cannot help but be entranced by their intelligence, funny mannerisms and endearing but regal appearance. It can easily lead a person to wonder about bringing one of these lovely birds into their family’s […]

Are african greys smarter than macaws?

Are African Greys Smarter Than Macaws?

If you are like us and you research many parrots for fun and knowledge, you may begin to wonder if the African Grey is smarter than the macaw, to which the answer is yes. Are African Greys Smarter Than Macaws? African Greys are smarter than Macaws. They have been reported […]

Why is my african grey parrot shaking?

7 Reasons Why Your African Grey Is Shaking

I never knew that there can be serious reasons behind a bird shaking its body or head. But when I brought home an African Grey Parrot, one of the most popular and loved pet bird species, I learned what their body language means and why sometimes they shake. Yes, I […]

Are African Greys Dusty?

Are African Greys Dusty? How To Control The Dust

African Greys are as smart as they are beautiful and bird owners love these creatures. But, some owners can’t help but mention their birds are dusty. Do these sleek looking birds really produce dust? Are African greys dusty? Yes, African Greys are quite dusty since they are powder-based birds. They […]

Why are african greys so expensive?

Why Are African Grey Parrots So Expensive?

I never really had a proper idea regarding how much it may cost to buy a feathery pet or how much the expenses go when it comes to bringing home an African Grey Parrot and taking good care of it. But, now that I have raised more than five parrots […]

Are African Greys loud?

African Greys Are Loud! Here Is What You Can Do

African Grey parrots are popular as a household pet for their uncanny talent of mimicking human speech. Since these fascinating species of parrots are exceptionally good at learning words and sounds, you will find that African Greys often become very loud at times. Are African Greys loud? The most straightforward […]