Bird Behavior

how to stop a blue and gold macaw from biting

How To Stop A Blue-And-Gold Macaw From Biting

The blue and gold macaw is notorious for biting. You might be reading this right now as you have experienced a nip from this feisty parrot. First off, we hope that your hand is doing okay, and second, you need not worry as there are ways to avert this kind […]

Are indian ringnecks loud?

Are Indian Ringnecks Loud? What You Should Know

Of all the different species of parrots out there, one that seems to get a lot of flack is the Indian Ringneck. One of the many rumors spread about this bird is that it’s incredibly noisy. Is this true? Are Indian Ringnecks loud? Indian Ringnecks are known for being communicative […]

Are macaws friendly?

Are Macaws Friendly? 8 Facts You Must Know

Loud and large, macaws may seem intimidating if you come across them, but these birds are in fact, known to be quite friendly and playful. Are macaws friendly? Don’t let the sheer size and noisy nature of these birds fool you, macaws are actually very affectionate and require a lot […]

Are parrots loyal?

Parrots Are Very Loyal – What This Means For Owners

Budgies, love birds, and cockatiels are especially favorite pet parrot species and are all very social. Although they can grow close to their owners, it is often wondered whether parrots are loyal. Are parrots loyal? Those who own or work with parrots believe that they are very loyal pets. One […]

Are macaws cuddly?

Macaws Are Incredibly Cuddly – But It Can Be Too Much

Big, gorgeous, and brightly colored macaws are extremely social, and for many people the ultimate pet bird. Due to their huge size and tendency to lunge at strangers, a lot of people are intimidated by macaws and their big beaks. But those who own and really know this bird species […]

What other birds do conures get along with?

What Birds Do Conures Get Along With?

What birds do conures get along with? Conures are a favorite among pet bird owners as they are fun-loving and energetic birds, but how will they react with other birds? Will they stay friendly? Or will they exhibit a negative behavior? You are about to find out! In most cases, […]