Bird Behavior

Do cockatiels and indian ringnecks get along?

Do Cockatiels And Indian Ringnecks Get Along?

If you watch a cockatiel and an Indian Ringneck go about their business in separate cages, you might wonder, do those birds get along-to which the answer is no. Do cockatiels and Indian ringnecks get along? The answer is no, and owners should not place an Indian Ringneck and a […]

Are parrots good with dogs?

Are Parrots Good With Dogs? How To Make It Work

There are thousands of cute videos on the Internet involving cats, dogs, and parrots intermingling with each other. Some are funny while some are heartwarming. We surely don’t know behind-the-scene efforts required to make them compatible. 46% of the animal-loving American households have dogs. Parrots make a humorous and wonderful […]

Why is my african grey parrot shaking?

7 Reasons Why Your African Grey Is Shaking

I never knew that there can be serious reasons behind a bird shaking its body or head. But when I brought home an African Grey Parrot, one of the most popular and loved pet bird species, I learned what their body language means and why sometimes they shake. Yes, I […]

Why is my parrot sneezing?

Why Your Parrot Is Sneezing And When To Be Worried

Have you seen your pet parrot sneezing or showing other symptoms of a possible respiratory problem? As a pet owner, it’s quite terrifying to see your beloved feathered friend in such a state of discomfort and to make matters worse, you probably have no idea what to do in such […]

Are African Greys loud?

African Greys Are Loud! Here Is What You Can Do

African Grey parrots are popular as a household pet for their uncanny talent of mimicking human speech. Since these fascinating species of parrots are exceptionally good at learning words and sounds, you will find that African Greys often become very loud at times. Are African Greys loud? The most straightforward […]

Why is my macaw so aggressive?

10 Reasons Why Your Macaw Is So Aggressive

Bird language differs from the human language so vastly that you might not understand why your Macaw is acting up and what you can do to fix it. 10 reasons why your Macaw is so aggressive. Before you jump to any conclusions why your Macaw is acting out first analyze […]

how to stop a parrot from chewing furniture

How To Stop Your Parrot From Chewing Furniture

Have you ever returned home from work, only to find out that the room you organized and tidied up – before you left – is a complete mess now? If you’re a parrot owner, you’ll relate to this for sure. Keeping a parrot can be a daunting task. Many people […]