Bird Behavior

Why is my parrot shaking?

11 Reasons Why Your Parrot Is Shaking

Understanding how your pet bird communicates is important. Your pet bird will use vocal and visual cues to let you know if its happy, sad, angry, or unwell. Of all these, it is crucial to know when a bird is feeling out of sorts and needs medical attention. If you […]

Are macaws loud?

Macaws Are Extremely Loud! How You Can Stop That

Hang around with a macaw at a friend’s house or aviary for a while, and you will eventually hear them screaming, squawking and being very loud, which leads you to wonder, are macaws REALLY that loud?! Are macaws loud? A macaw scream registers at 100-106 decibels. Macaws are not loud […]

How to shower with your parrot

Showering With Your Parrot: How To Do That Properly

A couple of days back, I was browsing the internet, not looking for anything in particular, when I came across an adorable picture of a pet parakeet, captioned ‘fresh out of the shower’. This got me curious as to how pet birds can be given a bath- does one sit […]

Are Parrots Dangerous?

Are Parrots Dangerous? What You Must Know

Parrots are one of the most liked pets, and many people plan on adopting them. In the U.S. alone, one-third of the bird pets are parrots. Parrot bites or feather plucking is not something new, yet many bird owners are still curious to know whether parrots are dangerous, aggressive, or […]

Why is my bird suddenly aggressive?

11 Reasons For Sudden Aggression In Pet Birds

Once in my youth, I went away for a family reunion. Unfortunately, it wasn’t bird-friendly, so my typically sweet cockatiel had to stay home. I remember getting back home and rushing to his cage, excited to play with him. As soon as I stuck my chubby little paw in that […]

Are Macaws Intelligent?

11 Facts That Show How Incredibly Intelligent Macaws Are

Ever been called brained? Take it as a compliment because recent studies show birds, specifically parrots, are exceptionally intelligent for their brain size! In fact, they pack more brain power per inch than many mammals, equaling that of medium-sized primates! Macaws are the second most intelligent parrots. Their walnut-sized brains […]

Do Parrots understand what they are saying?

Do Parrots Understand What They Are Saying?

One of my colleagues once invited me to their home for Christmas. On my arrival at the door, I was greeted by their pet parrot, Ditto. It cheerfully greeted me “Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!” I greeted it back in confusion. Since then I have been wondering if parrots do understand […]

How long can parrots live without food?

How Long Can Parrots Survive Without Food?

Parrots are very intelligent birds and make wonderful pets. But domesticated parrots require a lot of human attention. We all love our pets and take good care of them, but what happens when you need to go away for a few days? How long can you leave your parrot alone […]

Why do parrots bob their head?

5 Reasons Why Parrots Bob Their Heads

Do you ever think that your parrot is nodding and saying ‘yes’ to you? If you have a parrot, they may bob their head from time to time and it can be entertaining. A lot of owners often wonder what head bobbing really means, so we’re going to find out. […]