Bird Behavior

are budgies afraid of the dark?

Are Budgies Afraid Of The Dark? This Is Important

Budgie is a social bird, that forms deep bonds with its people, and becomes a true friend. However, they are easily spooked and need a patient owner who will understand and reassure them. One of the biggest concerns for new budgie owners is, are budgies afraid of the dark. I […]

Are parrots hard to take care of?

Are Parrots Hard To Take Care Of?

If you are considering adopting a parrot and making him or her the newest member of your family, chances are you wonder if you can provide the best care and living environment for your prospective bird. Parrots are one of the most stunning and unique pets that you can own, […]

Why is my parrot hissing?

10 Reasons Why Your Parrot Is Hissing

Parrots are one of the most beautiful and intelligent bird species out there that tend to be quite vocal. If your feathery pal has been hissing a lot recently, it indicates that something is not quite right and there may be multiple reasons behind this behavior. Why is my parrot […]

How do Parrots show affection?

15 Awesome Ways Parrots Show Affection

It’s no wonder why humans adore having parrots as pets- they are intelligent, quirky, and come in an array of stunning colors. But perhaps their most endearing quality is that they are capable of giving out an enormous amount of affection to their favorite humans. Not sure what techniques your […]

Why do parrots dance?

Why Do Parrots Dance? 10 Facts You Should Know

If you are lucky enough to own a parrot, then it is likely you know about how active they are. Parrots are most easily noticeable because of their beautiful colors, but also because of their uncanny ability to capture and hold everybody’s attention with their amazing ability to dance. Parrots […]

At what age do parrots start talking?

At What Age Do Parrots Start Talking?

Parrots are a popular choice of pet for families and one of the reasons for this is their ability to talk. Everyone wants their furry friend to chat and have some fun, but every parrot species is going to learn at different times. At what age do parrots start talking? […]

Why is my cockatiel hissing?

Why Your Cockatiel Is Hissing And What You Should Do

Has your cockatiel been hissing a lot lately? Having a beautiful pet bird such as a cockatiel is indeed a proud feeling, but taking care of this beautiful creature is equally important to keep them healthy and happy! Since cockatiels are born communicators, you will find it easier to figure […]