Bird Behavior

why is my cockatiel puffed up

5 Reasons Why Your Cockatiel Is Puffed Up

Cockatiels are funny birds and they have a lot of character and personality about them. But what does it mean when they puff up their feathers? Should this be something that you should worry about? Why is my cockatiel puffed up? There are a variety of reasons why your feathered […]

why is my cockatiel sneezing?

Your Cockatiel Is Sneezing? Here Is What You Should Know

Having a precious and beautiful pet bird such as the cockatiel, it certainly demands attention and you need to stay vigilant, especially when you think that your cockatiel is sneezing frequently or showing signs of an illness. A common question that comes up from proud cockatiel owners is “Why is […]

Do cockatiels like music?

Do Cockatiels Like Music? Do They Dance To It?

Most people enjoy playing music in their homes. However, if you own a cockatiel, you might be wondering if cockatiels will enjoy the music too. The good news is, cockatiels enjoy music as much as we do. You may even find that your cockatiel is dancing to the music that […]

why is my budgie digging

8 Reasons Why Your Budgie Is Digging

If you want a pet that’s cute, loyal, and extremely silly a budgie is the way to go. Many owners notice one budgie behavior that fits perfectly into the silly category- digging. You may think they learned it from the dog, but could this strange behavior have more of a […]

Why is my budgie sneezing?

Why Your Budgie Is Sneezing And When To Worry

Hang around a budgie for a little while and hear them sneeze, and you will soon know the answer to the question, that is why my budgie is sneezing – it is pretty much for all the same reasons humans sneeze. Why is my budgie sneezing? Places that can cause […]

Why is my budgie walking side to side?

Why Your Budgie Is Walking Side To Side In Its Cage

Hang out with a budgie for a little while, and you will surely notice their walking and movement patterns which will lead you to understand and answer the question of why your budgie is walking side to side. Why is my budgie walking side to side? Reasons your budgie may […]

Why is my budgie flapping his wings?

The Reason Why Your Budgie Is Flapping His Wings

If you own a budgie or spend enough time around them, you start to notice their wings get to flapping every now and then…so naturally, your mind begins to wonder and think about why your budgie is flapping his wings, which is what we are going to talk about today. […]

Why do budgies bob their heads?

The Truth About Budgies Bobbing Their Heads

Spend a few hours with a budgie, and you will definitely start to pick up on their mannerisms, one of which is head-bobbing-and we will discuss why they do this in today’s article. Why do budgies bob their heads? Budgies bob their heads for a variety of reasons, it is […]