Bird Behavior

Why Is My Budgie Suddenly Aggressive?

Why Your Budgie Is Suddenly Aggressive

It is not rare to hear of people with budgies being bitten by their feathery companion for no apparent reason whosoever. However, that is just how us humans see it. For the budgie it is different. Their aggressive behavior has a reason and that is what this article aims to […]

Should You Give Your Budgie A Mirror?

Never Give Your Budgie A Mirror – Do This Instead!

Is it a healthy option to get your budgie a mirror? There are some people who feel that perhaps they should do so to keep their budgie company. Some budgies may seem to enjoy shiny objects and having a companion- even if the said companion is just their own reflection. […]

Do Budgies Grieve? If yes, how can you help?

Budgies Do Grieve! Here Is How You Can Help

There is no question that when a cherished pet has died, it is completely normal for you and your surviving budgie to grieve. How, then, can you help your beloved bird recover from his mourning period? First, let’s look at some signs and indicators that your budgie may be grieving: […]

How Long Does It Take To Tame A Budgie?

How Long Does It Really Take To Tame A Budgie?

Budgies make for lively companions as pets. A tamed budgie is even better! How long does it take to tame a budgie? Taming a budgie takes anywhere between three days to four weeks. Every budgie is different and how quickly it can be tamed depends on a lot of factors […]

Does It Hurt When A Budgie Bites?

Here Is How Much Budgie Bites Hurt

Have you ever wondered how much budgie bites hurt? All budgie owners love this little bird with their bright colors and adorable chirps, it is important not to forget that they do have a beak and they know how to use it. While most budgie bites will not cause a […]

Why Is My Budgie Quiet

The 3 Reasons Why Your Budgie Is Quiet

Budgies, also known in America as parakeets, are very sociable, noisy, and happy birds, and are relatively simple to take care of. However, some people who have budgies may notice that this typically chirpy bird has suddenly become unnaturally quiet. Nothing that you do will make it chirp, and sometimes […]

Is My Budgie Dying?

5 Symptoms That Show That Your Budgie Is Dying

A budgie lives for an average of 4-8 years. Even though pet budgies who are given adequate care live up to 15 years in some cases, budgies have a relatively short lifespan. Dealing with your feathered friend’s death can be a harrowing experience, but it is something all pet owners […]