Bird Diet

Best treats for cockatiels

15 Awesome Treats Your Cockatiel Will Love

One of the most important things that you can do for your cockatiel is making sure that it has a balanced, nutritious, and varied diet. What are good treats for Cockatiels? The best treats that you can provide for your cockatiel include organic, seedless fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, cockatiel pellets, […]

How long can cockatiels go without water?

How Long Can Cockatiels Go Without Water?

Water is arguably the most important substance for all living beings, including cockatiels. Humans can live for about three days without water, but what about cockatiels? There’s no definitive answer, but many people agree that cockatiels can live for about a day without water, even less. Never, ever put your […]

why is my cockatiel not drinking water?

Why Your Cockatiel Is Not Drinking Water

If you hang around your cockatiel for a little while and see that they are not drinking their water, you will soon know the answer to why is my cockatiel not drinking water-it is very likely due to the quality of the water being served. Why is my cockatiel not […]

Why is my budgie drinking so much water?

6 Reasons Why Your Budgie Is Drinking So Much Water

It is essential for any animal to drink plenty of water, but you might have noticed that your budgie is drinking more water than usual. When your pet’s behavior is anything out of the ordinary, it is generally a cause for worry. Why is my budgie drinking so much water? […]

How much millet can budgies have per day

How Much Millet Should You Feed Your Budgie?

There’s no question about it: budgies love millet! It can be so fun and rewarding to give your budgie the treat and watch them gobble it up. It’s clear they love to eat it. So, how much Millet can budgies have? A safe measurement of millet is about a teaspoon […]

How Much Do Budgies Eat?

How Much Budgies Really Need To Eat

Feeding your budgie can be a difficult task. If you’re new to bird-keeping, you might not know how much to feed your budgie, what to feed it, and how often it needs to eat. Poor nutrition is often seen in new owners of budgies, which can lead to an array […]

Can Cockatiels Eat Grapes?

Can Cockatiels Eat Grapes? Be Careful!

Cockatiels are a common household bird all around the world, although they are from Australia. They tend to be easy to take care of and make friendly pets for people of all ages. Their diet was something of a mystery since there are so many foods on the market. So, […]

Can Budgies Eat Mealworms?

Can Budgies Eat Mealworms? Here Is The Answer!

Among the many things to consider when you have a budgie is what to feed it. A popular food choice among many birds is mealworms, which has led many budgie owners to wonder if this is also a viable option for budgies. Can Budgies Eat Mealworms? The answers to this […]

Can Budgies Eat Oranges?

Can Budgies Eat Oranges?

Just like any other pet, budgies need a good diet to stay healthy and happy. A lot of owners know that budgies can enjoy fruit and vegetables; but can they eat oranges on a regular basis? The answer to this burning question is yes, but they should be restricted. Can […]

Can Budgies Eat Cucumber?

Why Cucumbers Are Incredibly Healthy For Budgies

A lot of pet owners know that budgies should enjoy a varied diet and this is why they can feed their budgie vegetables. In particular, green vegetables are often recommended for our little feathered friends. This includes cucumbers. But is it healthy for your budgie to eat cucumbers? Well, the […]