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are indian ringnecks dusty?

Are Indian Ringneck Parakeets Dusty?

With bright green feathers and a beautiful red beak, the Indian Ringneck Parakeets make for perfect companions! Although this delightful breed can charm anyone with its personality, dealing with these birds can be challenging at times – especially when they start polluting their surroundings. Are Indian Ringneck Parakeets dusty? The […]

Do Budgies need darkness to sleep?

Do Budgies Need Darkness To Sleep?

It seems reasonable that if your bird is sleepy, they will fall asleep, but that isn’t always the case. Do budgies need darkness to sleep? Yes, budgies need darkness to sleep. Less light and darkness shows a budgie that it is time to go to sleep. Budgies are not able […]

do parrots need beds?

Do Parrots Need A Bed? You Need To See These 4 Beds!

I have seen many avian pet owners to get concerned over their birds’ diet, toys, and cage. And as a new parrot owner, I used to be all worried about these factors contributing to my pet’s well-being. But over the years, I have realized that often many bird-owners forgot about […]

Why are african greys so expensive?

Why African Grey Parrots Are So Expensive

There are different types of parrots and for any parrot pet lover, you must have already distinguished the fact that African Grey Parrots are expensive in comparison to other species. For some of us, we may still wonder why this particular species is expensive. I will be providing an in-depth […]

What are parrots scared of?

10 Potential Reasons Why Your Parrot Is So Scared

In keeping a parrot, it is important that you make sure he is comfortable and happy. After all, an unhappy parrot can be the reason feather plucking, biting and other undesirable behaviors happen. In this article, we will talk about 10 things that make parrots feel afraid and how you […]

Are indian ringnecks loud?

Are Indian Ringnecks Loud? What You Should Know

Of all the different species of parrots out there, one that seems to get a lot of flack is the Indian Ringneck. One of the many rumors spread about this bird is that it’s incredibly noisy. Is this true? Are Indian Ringnecks loud? Indian Ringnecks are known for being communicative […]

do parrots need cuttlebones?

4 Reasons Why Cuttlebones Are Crucial For Parrots

Cuttlebones are commonly found in birdcages everywhere. You know, those ubiquitous white surfboard-shaped mollusc shells that birds chirpily peck onto? But what exactly is a cuttlebone for and why is it found in almost every birdcage in the world? A cuttlebone is the internal shell of a cuttlefish that provides […]

should i clip my budgie's wings?

Should You Clip Your Budgie’s Wings?

There are a lot of ‘taming’ practices that pet owners do to their companion. For example, ‘Should we put our dog on a leash or let them free?’, or ‘should we declaw a cat or not?’ While some of the practices are downright cruel, some often get in the grey […]