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Do parrots need light at night?

Do Parrots Need Light At Night?

Do parrots need light at night? This has a lot to do with imitating what naturally happens with light in the wild. You will also find out in this article how manipulating light can help the health and behavior of your parrot. Further, we will also discuss the times when […]

can parrots eat bread?

Can Parrots Eat Bread? What You Need To Understand

As a new bird owner, I didn’t know much about whether I should give my newly bought pet parrots bread or not. Actually, I was confused and since parrots usually like to munch on the foods we eat, I thought that giving them bread was okay. But, after years of […]

do macaws smell bad?

4 Reasons Why Your Macaw Smells Bad

I have never been aware of the fact that even macaws can have an odor. But when I brought home two macaws and took care of them, I learned that macaws can smell not so good under different circumstances or health conditions. Initially, I was confused about the foul smell […]

are parrots mammals?

Why People Often Mistake Parrots As Mammals

Are parrots mammals? This is a very common question because parrots behave like mammals. You will find out in this article why parrots resemble actions as that of mammals, and at the same time, you will know why people deem them as such. Is it their brains? Physiology? All that […]

Are parrots loyal?

Parrots Are Very Loyal – What This Means For Owners

Budgies, love birds, and cockatiels are especially favorite pet parrot species and are all very social. Although they can grow close to their owners, it is often wondered whether parrots are loyal. Are parrots loyal? Those who own or work with parrots believe that they are very loyal pets. One […]

Are macaws cuddly?

Macaws Are Incredibly Cuddly – But It Can Be Too Much

Big, gorgeous, and brightly colored macaws are extremely social, and for many people the ultimate pet bird. Due to their huge size and tendency to lunge at strangers, a lot of people are intimidated by macaws and their big beaks. But those who own and really know this bird species […]

Can parrots eat strawberries?

Why Strawberries Are Healthy For Parrots

It is essential to know what to feed your parrot so that she can remain healthy. When I brought my parrot home, I was worried about what was best and essential for her diet. I conducted my research to determine the fruits I should include in her diet for nutritional […]

Are African Greys Good Family Pets?

Are African Greys Good Family Pets? 7 Facts You Must Know

If you have ever seen an African Grey, whether in real life or on the Internet, you cannot help but be entranced by their intelligence, funny mannerisms and endearing but regal appearance. It can easily lead a person to wonder about bringing one of these lovely birds into their family’s […]

What other birds do conures get along with?

What Birds Do Conures Get Along With?

What birds do conures get along with? Conures are a favorite among pet bird owners as they are fun-loving and energetic birds, but how will they react with other birds? Will they stay friendly? Or will they exhibit a negative behavior? You are about to find out! In most cases, […]

which parrots are not too loud?

5 Awesome Parrots That Are Not Too Loud

If you love birds, parrots are a great pet to have in the house. There are a lot of species available for you to choose from. These colorful birds are a joy to have! And it’s always wonderful to look at them frolic around. But here’s the thing – parrots […]