Bird Facts

Are indian ringnecks good pets?

20 Reasons Why Indian Ringnecks Are Great Pets

There are many different species of birds that make great pets. Parrots and parakeets, in particular, are beloved pets of many. But once you begin to do your research, it becomes evident that there are sooo many species of parrots and parakeets. Which one should you get? One species of […]

Are african greys smarter than macaws?

Are African Greys Smarter Than Macaws?

If you are like us and you research many parrots for fun and knowledge, you may begin to wonder if the African Grey is smarter than the macaw, to which the answer is yes. Are African Greys Smarter Than Macaws? African Greys are smarter than Macaws. They have been reported […]

Are Sun Conures Louder Than Macaws?

Are Sun Conures Louder Than Macaws? The Differences

This is no secret that Sun Conures and Macaws are one of the loudest birds in the world. While their loud calls often seem to irritate people, bird lovers actually like to hear those sounds. So, if you are looking for a pet bird minus the high-pitched calls, you should […]

Why does my bird smell?

5 Reasons Why Your Bird Smells Horrible

It is a common belief that all birds smell, but that is far from the truth. Although different parrots have different smells that are unique to their species there should be no “odor” coming from your bird. Your bird’s normal scent should be minimal, and you will hardly notice it […]

Are parrots good with dogs?

Are Parrots Good With Dogs? How To Make It Work

There are thousands of cute videos on the Internet involving cats, dogs, and parrots intermingling with each other. Some are funny while some are heartwarming. We surely don’t know behind-the-scene efforts required to make them compatible. 46% of the animal-loving American households have dogs. Parrots make a humorous and wonderful […]