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Should parrots be kept in pairs?

9 Reasons To Keep Parrots In Pairs + 4 Exceptions

If you’re someone who has been looking to purchase a parrot, you may have wondered about whether or not you should also purchase a companion. There are several factors that you need to consider before getting your parrot a companion. It depends on your parrot, how it was raised, and […]

Are African Greys Dusty?

Are African Greys Dusty? How To Control The Dust

African Greys are as smart as they are beautiful and bird owners love these creatures. But, some owners can’t help but mention their birds are dusty. Do these sleek looking birds really produce dust? Are African greys dusty? Yes, African Greys are quite dusty since they are powder-based birds. They […]

Why is my parrot sneezing?

Why Your Parrot Is Sneezing And When To Be Worried

Have you seen your pet parrot sneezing or showing other symptoms of a possible respiratory problem? As a pet owner, it’s quite terrifying to see your beloved feathered friend in such a state of discomfort and to make matters worse, you probably have no idea what to do in such […]

Why are african greys so expensive?

Why Are African Grey Parrots So Expensive?

I never really had a proper idea regarding how much it may cost to buy a feathery pet or how much the expenses go when it comes to bringing home an African Grey Parrot and taking good care of it. But, now that I have raised more than five parrots […]

Are macaws hard to take care of?

10 Reasons Why Macaws Are So Hard To Take Care Of

Macaws are arguably one of the most interesting pets that you can ever have the pleasure of keeping. They are incredibly smart, very loud, and live a long life provided they are given great care. In this article, we will show you the top ten reasons why macaws are so […]

which parrots have the worst bite?

These 5 Parrots Have The Worst Bites

If you work with, or spend a little time in an aviary or home with plenty of birds inside, you soon come to know the answer to the question, which parrot has the worst bite-the answer will vary based upon the beak size of the particular parrot, not the size […]