Do Budgies need darkness to sleep?

Do Budgies Need Darkness To Sleep?

It seems reasonable that if your bird is sleepy, they will fall asleep, but that isn’t always the case. Do budgies need darkness to sleep? Yes, budgies need darkness to sleep. Less light and darkness shows a budgie that it is time to go to sleep. Budgies are not able […]

should i clip my budgie's wings?

Should You Clip Your Budgie’s Wings?

There are a lot of ‘taming’ practices that pet owners do to their companion. For example, ‘Should we put our dog on a leash or let them free?’, or ‘should we declaw a cat or not?’ While some of the practices are downright cruel, some often get in the grey […]

Do budgies need a companion?

Why Your Budgie Needs A Companion

Budgies, with their colorful plumage and talkative and social nature make perfect companions. However, just because they are considered to be low-maintenance or easy-to-keep pets, doesn’t mean that they need any less care or attention than a cat or a dog. This may lead you to wonder if you should […]

Is bamboo safe for budgies?

Is Bamboo Safe For Budgies? What About The Leaves?

There is nothing better than natural wood toys and perches for birds, but which natural wood is safe for the bird and easy for you to source and maintain? What about bamboo? Is bamboo safe for budgies? To keep budgies happy and healthy, fit their cage with perches and toys […]

Are plastic perches bad for budgies?

Here Is Why Plastic Perches Are Bad For Budgies

Like everyone else, when I first brought my budgie home I didn’t have the necessary detailed knowledge about what type of perches should be kept inside their cages to make their new home look a friendly atmosphere. I was confused initially and tried different plastic perch options. But with time, […]

Can budgies eat watermelon?

Can Budgies Eat Watermelon? What You Should Know

As the weather gets warmer, all the delicious fruits start to be in season, and they are a nutritious way to cool off during the hot summer months. You know you love to eat fruits- especially watermelon- but can your budgie share this treat with you, too? The great news […]

are budgies afraid of the dark?

Are Budgies Afraid Of The Dark? This Is Important

Budgie is a social bird, that forms deep bonds with its people, and becomes a true friend. However, they are easily spooked and need a patient owner who will understand and reassure them. One of the biggest concerns for new budgie owners is, are budgies afraid of the dark. I […]