Can Cockatiels eat peanuts?

Should You Feed A Cockatiel Peanuts?

We have discussed many times what different foods cockatiels can eat, but there are always questions about specific foods. Since a lot of people have problems with peanuts, it is natural to wonder if cockatiels can eat peanuts as well. Peanuts are perfectly fine for cockatiels to eat, and they […]

Why is my cockatiel hissing?

Why Your Cockatiel Is Hissing And What You Should Do

Has your cockatiel been hissing a lot lately? Having a beautiful pet bird such as a cockatiel is indeed a proud feeling, but taking care of this beautiful creature is equally important to keep them healthy and happy! Since cockatiels are born communicators, you will find it easier to figure […]

Can Cockatiels eat raisins?

Can Cockatiels Eat Raisins? Why You Need To Be Careful

During the initial days with my first cockatiel, I was confused about whether to give my pet bird any raisin or not. I was worried about whether eating raisins would be okay for my bird’s health. But now that I’ve been raising more than two cockatiels successfully for more than […]

Best treats for cockatiels

15 Awesome Treats Your Cockatiel Will Love

One of the most important things that you can do for your cockatiel is making sure that it has a balanced, nutritious, and varied diet. What are good treats for Cockatiels? The best treats that you can provide for your cockatiel include organic, seedless fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, cockatiel pellets, […]

why is my cockatiel puffed up

5 Reasons Why Your Cockatiel Is Puffed Up

Cockatiels are funny birds and they have a lot of character and personality about them. But what does it mean when they puff up their feathers? Should this be something that you should worry about? Why is my cockatiel puffed up? There are a variety of reasons why your feathered […]

How long can cockatiels go without water?

How Long Can Cockatiels Go Without Water?

Water is arguably the most important substance for all living beings, including cockatiels. Humans can live for about three days without water, but what about cockatiels? There’s no definitive answer, but many people agree that cockatiels can live for about a day without water, even less. Never, ever put your […]

why is my cockatiel not drinking water?

Why Your Cockatiel Is Not Drinking Water

If you hang around your cockatiel for a little while and see that they are not drinking their water, you will soon know the answer to why is my cockatiel not drinking water-it is very likely due to the quality of the water being served. Why is my cockatiel not […]

Do cockatiels like swings?

The 3 Reasons Why Cockatiels Love Swings

A proper cage is more than a house- it’s a home, and no home is complete without furnishings. That means perches, toys, and bells. Another typical cage accessory is a swing. If you are not sure this item a necessary addition to your bird’s home, continue reading. The answer may […]