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can a cockatoo bite your finger off?
Bird Facts

Can A Cockatoo Bite Your Finger Off?

Known for their attractive appearance and fantastic qualities, cockatoos are equipped with large beaks capable of destroying a lot of materials. They are strong enough to easily crack through hard Brazilian nuts and have a terrible effect on whatever is bitten. Just watching a cockatoo crush a nut or break […]

do macaws smell bad?
Bird Facts, Macaws

4 Reasons Why Your Macaw Smells Bad

I have never been aware of the fact that even macaws can have an odor. But when I brought home two macaws and took care of them, I learned that macaws can smell not so good under different circumstances or health conditions. Initially, I was confused about the foul smell […]

are parrots mammals?
Bird Facts

Why People Often Mistake Parrots As Mammals

Are parrots mammals? This is a very common question because parrots behave like mammals. You will find out in this article why parrots resemble actions as that of mammals, and at the same time, you will know why people deem them as such. Is it their brains? Physiology? All that […]