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Can I Clean A Bird cage with vinegar?
Housing And Toys

Can I Clean My Birdcage With Vinegar?

If you have birds for a pet, you know that they are fun, engaging pets but they come with a stack of responsibilities. Primary among them is maintaining a clean home for them. That’s not the home they share with you but rather the cage they are kept in. Keeping […]

best bird cages for cockatoos
Housing And Toys

The 5 Best Birdcages For Your Cockatoo

With so many options for bird cages, it is hard to determine which one will work for both you and your Cockatoo. Listed are five bird cages for your Cockatoo. Not all bird cages are created equal. To get the best one for your bird first, you need to determine […]

which parrots are not too loud?
Bird Facts

5 Awesome Parrots That Are Not Too Loud

If you love birds, parrots are a great pet to have in the house. There are a lot of species available for you to choose from. These colorful birds are a joy to have! And it’s always wonderful to look at them frolic around. But here’s the thing – parrots […]