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Are indian ringnecks good pets?
Bird Facts

20 Reasons Why Indian Ringnecks Are Great Pets

There are many different species of birds that make great pets. Parrots and parakeets, in particular, are beloved pets of many. But once you begin to do your research, it becomes evident that there are sooo many species of parrots and parakeets. Which one should you get? One species of […]

can parrots eat blueberries?
Bird Diet

Can Parrots Eat Blueberries? It Might Be A Mess!

You have probably heard that the variety of fresh fruits plays a very important part of your parrot’s diet. While you should try to incorporate fresh fruit into your parrot’s daily diet, you need to know that not all fruits are safe for parrots to eat. Knowing what fruits make […]

Can parrots eat grapefruit?
Bird Diet

Can Parrots Eat Grapefruit? What About The Peel?

Parrots can safely eat many different kinds of fruit, in fact, fruits aren’t just safe, they should be included in your parrots daily diet. However, while they are great sources of vitamins and minerals your parrot needs, some fruits are best served moderately as treats. You may be wondering how […]